BBEN G17 Notebook 17-inch 2TB HDD Gaming Laptop

Those who are into gaming, know that a powerful computer is one of the most important parts in having a great experience. There are many gaming notebooks on the market, that provide users with all the needed features. BBEN G17 17-inch 2TB HDD Powerful Gaming Laptop is sure to make the entire experience worth it, and we have observed this Notebook Computer for this review.

BBEN G17 Gaming Laptop NVIDIA Geforce GTX1060

BBEN G17 Notebook 17-inch 2TB HDD Gaming Laptop

This gaming laptop is bold, just by the first look at it. Black color with red accents, automatically sets the mood. Powered by the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, BBEN G17 brings a smooth usage at all time. The screen of this laptop, is large being 17.3 inches. With a 16:9 display ratio, it has a 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution for some of the brightest, most colorful, and sharpest images.

Intel i7-7700HQ Quad Core processor with 2.8GHz, up to 3.8GHz frequency, makes the entire computer low voltage and highly efficient. Gaming is an even more powerful and great experience with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 GDDR5 6GB graphics processing unit. All games are faster and enhanced with this BBEN G17 laptop. 8 GB DDR4 RAM adds to the smoothness, when watching movies or gaming, with its opportunity to multitask.

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BBEN G17 Gaming Laptop

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 720 pixel front camera is a fun addition, for video chats and selfies. Most games take up plenty of storage space, and can get quite heavy, but with the 256 GB SSD plus 2 TB HDD memory capacity, there will be plenty of space for it all.

Connecting to different networks and receiving fast internet speed is all in your power with the dual band WiFi of 2.5GHz and 5.0GHz. HDMI output makes it possible to connect to a TV set, or for a second monitor. The keyboard also has a backlight, that is colorful. 4000 mAh li-ion polymer battery installed takes up just about three to four hours of your time to charge fully, and will last for plenty of hours.

BBEN G17 gaming laptop, is on the pricy side, but is totally worth it for the smoothest gaming. Durable, fast, and powerful, it is highly recommended to all gamers out there.

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