Best Option – Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Phablet

In the price range of middle market a Chinese smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note 3 4G Phablet International Version is one of the best options and deserves a closer look. So, go ahead and read the review below.
There are several pros to this gadget. Speaking of the design, a sign of style and durability is totally metal back. This is the first thing that you would notice when you hold the phone, and it gives an amazing feeling. Secondly, the phone is thin and comfy to hold.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 4G Phablet International Version

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 4G Phablet International Version,

The screen is huge and reproduces colors well. Watching videos on a 5.5 inch screen is very pleasant and less damaging for your sights than trying to distinguish the picture on a tiny-tiny display. I would also mention thin bezels. Bezel is the gap between the phone side and the screen. Though is does not matter much, but thin bezels means smaller phone width, which makes it easy to hold, and less dust collects in those gaps. The fingerprint scanner is a snap. It is fast and has little lag when unlocking the phone.

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Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Phablet International Version

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A 4060mah battery is worth a mention as well. This gives a 1 1/2 day backup, with heavy calls, WhatsApp, browsing on 3G, and photo clicks. The processor is Snapdragon 650, suitable for almost any app to throw on it. Adding a 3GB RAM to the processor, this hardware makes up a powerful phone. Lastly, the rear cameras are 12.0MP, and the front one is 16.0MP.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3 4G Phablet

Coming down to the flaws, one of the most significant is that the phone heats up when used for long time ( continuous use for an hour or so). The time to heat reduces as you start up with the games. Night photo has kind of a blur effect. Finally, MIUI (software UI that phone comes by default) takes a lot of RAM. Though it is good in looks and usage, but has a high memory consumption. Therefore it’s better to opt for 3GB model. Also please note that external memory is not supported in this phone.

To summarize, Xiaomi Mi Note 3 seems to be a worthy one. You will get a metal body, 5.5 Full HD screen, 4050mah battery, fingerprint scanner and 3GB RAM for a reasonable price. Those features will cover all your needs in media attractions, socializing on the phone or via apps, or working with lots of documents, calls and schedules.

Mi Note 3 Phablet International Version

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