21.5 inch UGEE Professional Digital Painting Drawing Tablet

Drawing is a favorite hobby of many, but various computer graphics are not only a hobby, but often a source of income. In order to achieve the greatest designs, one just needs a high quality drawing tablet. These types of tablets provide with an excellent experience and amazing work. UGEE UG 2150 Professional Digital Painting Drawing Tablet that we have reviewed, is more on the pricy side, but is made to impress.

It is of a black color, and is about 22.05 x 5.71 x 17.72 inches in size. As well as that, it is also quite lightweight, being about 4.9570 kg. The scree on this tablet is IPS, and is 21.5 inches large. It provides users with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels, and sharp, bright and clear images for more accuracy and enjoyment, especially with the contrast ratio of 1000:1. It provides with many different angles of viewing, up to 178 degrees. For additional stability and precision, this tablet is designed to have a stand that kicks out when needed and offers the ability to set up differently, the way it is comfortable for each individual.

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UGEE Digital Painting Drawing Tablet

21.5 inch Digital Painting Drawing Tablet

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UGEE UG 2150 tablet is also included with an electromagnetic pen. The pen is made from silicone material, which makes it very comfortable to hold and great to the touch. For full usage, it has a 60 mAh lithium ion battery, that charges quickly and provides with many hours of usage. The pen offers up to 220 reports per second, with a 12 ms response time and 0.25 mm accuracy. As well at the pressure sensitivity is up to 2048 level, where one does not need to press hard. The feeling is as if you were drawing on paper. This tablet also has several buttons on it, to adjust the brightness, return to menu and to power it on or off. For easy connection to different devices, it has a USB port, DC port, HDMI port, DVI and VGA port.

UGEE UG 2150 drawing tablet is a perfect item for those that are looking into developing their skills in computer graphics and different art. It is made out of high quality, and will provide with the greatest work.

Professional UGEE Digital Painting Drawing Tablet

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