Portable Functional Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

Different stereo systems and speakers have grown in popularity, especially in the young adult category. They are often used for various different parties, in cafes, outdoors and just for full pleasure and enjoyment at home. Some even use them not only for listening to music, but to watch movies on their computer, or to talk with hands free. MUSKY DY25 Portable Functional Stereo Bluetooth Speakers is trendy and very high quality, and one that we observed in this review.

Portable Functional Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

It is offered in three different colors, so that everyone has a choice for their preference. Black, Gray, and White are all neutral, and fun! The size of this item is 9.45 x 2.76 x 5.31 inches, with a weight of just under 1.0 KG, making it compact and portable. ABS material, in addition with acrylic make this speaker very durable and long lasting. The top of the speaker even has a handle like design, which makes it convenient and comfortable to bring along.

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MUSKY DY25 Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Functional Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

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What concerns the connection to other devices, it has several different ways that it can be done. One of the most popular, is through Bluetooth, which allows one to quickly and easily connect to their mobile device. Bluetooth, together with the built-in microphone also make it possible to receive phone calls, and talk without using your hands within 10 meters.

In addition to that, one can connect any devices via a USB cable, an SD card, or an AUX cord. This also makes it much easier to connect to your laptop computer or even TV. Built in, it also has an FM radio, for all them lovers who enjoy listening to their favorite stations. The top of the speaker, also has buttons for regulating the volume, choosing the track, pausing and playing and the mode. 2200 mAh battery provides with usage up to three to five hours, and can be recharged via a USB or wall charger.

MUSKY DY25 speaker is a wonderful item for all that want loud, sharp, and clean sound! It is made to last, and has a unique design. The price of it is also very affordable!

MUSKY DY25 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

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    The specifications of the speaker are outstanding. Thanks for sharing about this item.

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