Universal Laptop Wooden Stand – Bamboo MacBook Desk

Are you one that often uses a laptop computer for work or for pleasure, or are you often one that has a tendency to right on your lap? If you answered yes, then most likely you have had thoughts about investing in a high quality rack that will serve as a stand for your computer and a hard surface for writing on. There are many different options on the market, of all prices, designs, and colors. We have observed a simple, but trendy stand – SADMI Universal Laptop Wooden Stand Bamboo MacBook Desk. Here’s the review.

Universal Laptop Wooden Stand

Universal Laptop Wooden Stand
Bamboo MacBook Desk

This stand is of the typical bamboo color, yellow. It is the perfect size for your laptop computer. The weight of this item is just 0.5200 KG, which makes it rather light and easy for bringing along with you. Since it is bamboo and wood material, it is very durable and long lasting. The entire surface of the stand has holes on it. These holes are especially designed for the heat from your laptop to escape. This design it made for the protection of your device, and to prevent cases of overheating when the warm air gets trapped. As well as that, these holes are perfect for keeping different cables such as charger, mobile phone cables when attached to the USB port, and more to stay organized and out of the work area.

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Bamboo MacBook Desk

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Another great way to use this stand, is as a writing surface. One can easily place it on their knees and they will be provided with a hard surface for writing or drawing. This feature makes the stand perfect for students, and those who often sit long hours in an auditorium taking notes. However, it is best to place a writing notebook, and not just paper, since the wholes will make it problematic to write evenly.
SADMI bamboo stand for a laptop or as a hard writing surface for notebooks is a great two in one item. Wood is very in trend these days, and this item is sure to attract plenty of attention from others. If you are in search of a similar item, we recommend that you give this one a look, especially since it is decently priced.

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