Small GSM Mobile Device – 1.8 inch Quad Band Card Phone

When choosing a phone for your kid, for an elderly parent or for ones own emergency kit, there’s no use considering elaborate and expensive smartphones. Sometimes you just need a good reliable bar with minimum options. One of this kind Small GSM Mobile Device is AIEK V5 1.8 inch Quad Band Card Phone. So, here’s the review.
To begin with, please notice, that this phone will only work with GSM networks. It’s unlocked for worldwide use, so please ensure local area network is compatible.

Quad Band Card Phone

The card phone has a 1.8 inch 262K Colors TFT-LCD display. This gives you a more perfect visual experience, especially suitable for the elderly. It is constructed with a single micro SIM card slot. The device is capable of storing 1000 contacts and 500 messages. Bluetooth version here is 3.0 (control distance being 5 – 8 m), accompanied with a Bluetooth Dialer function. After being connected with your phone, you can sync your phonebook, answer and hangup your phone by this mini phone.

Small GSM Mobile Device

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You can slightly expand the memory capacity, as the cardphone accepts compatible cards up to 8GB. As for the charging and battery capacity, talk time is about 4 hours, stand by time is up to 4 days and charging time is about 1.5 hours. Extra features are few, namely calendar, FM radio, calculator and Bluetooth music. The cardphone also supports 5 groups of alarm clock and 8 languages – English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Arabic, and Persian.

To numerate the advantages in short, this cardfone has very sensible to your touch buttons, very good back quality, nice outlook and color along with big screen and durable battery. You probably won’t regret losing it, but it would definitely serve good job keeping you connected with parents and kids. Also this is a good option to choose as an office incoming calls phone or a reserve phone to keep in your emergency bag. In the package you would receive the phone itself and a USB cable for it.

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