Digital Graphic Touch Screen Display LCD Drawing Tablet

Many different individuals of all ages love to draw or have a hobby of computer graphics. For those reasons, a great drawing tablet is usually needed. Many people invest in one, in order to develop more in their projects. Huion GT-190 Digital Graphic Touch Screen Display LCD Drawing Tablet, is one that we have looked at, and want to share about in the review.

This tablet is of a black color, neutral for everyone. The size of it is about 17.89 x 14.24 x 1.02 inches, with an excellent screen. The screen itself is 19 inches, quite large, and has a resolution of 1440 X 900 pixels. 223 cd per square meter brightness makes the images very vivid and sharp. Not only does it have amazing brightness and resolution of images, it also has very great electromagnetic pressure sensitivity. This pressure has a level of 2048, with a very fast response of just 5 seconds. In addition, with all that, the 233 pps tracking speed on this tablet, also makes sure that you do not have to press very hard and that light and fast pen strokes are all captured accurately. With that being said, pictures and handwriting turns out to be just the way that you planned for it to be.

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Powerful Professional 19-inch LCD Drawing Tablet

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The package also includes an electromagnetic pen, that is made out of silicone material. Having an 80 mAh battery inside, the pen charges in about 1.3 ours and is made to last for up to 350 hours of usage. If it is not being used for 15 minutes, it goes into automatic sleeping. For the best quality and most comfortability, this tablet has a stable and adjustable stand to prevent from shaking and that allows you to set it up ay needed way.

Huion Gt-190 drawing tablet is made for the greatest computer graphics and handwriting. Durable, long lasting, and with the specifications that it has, makes this tablet very popular. The price is more on the higher side, and might not be so affordable for everyone. However, we would recommend it, if you are looking for a drawing tablet to develop your creative side.

Professional 19-inch LCD Drawing Tablet

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