Xiaomi Mi A1 Phablet Global Version 4G Smartphone

For those who are avidly investigating middle-market in search of a reliable smartphone, we have good news – Xiaomi Mi A1 Phablet. Here’s the review about this 5.5 inch FHD screen Smartphone Global Version.
Mi A1 is very likely to many other Xiaomi smartphones from the Redmi line: a scanner on the back cover, a panel with touch buttons under the screen, rounded corners and a relatively small thickness. There are no design delights here, but nothing will annoy you either.

Xiaomi Mi A1 4G Phablet 5.5 inch FHD screen Smartphone

The body of the gadget is made of aluminum. It does not slip and does not collect dirt on it. Thanks to this material, the device pleasantly cold hands when you hold it. At the top and the bottom of the case you can see the plastic rims, in which the antennas are hidden. At the back of the core there are the double camera and a fingerprint scanner. The later has a convenient location, the finger lies directly on it. Unlocking happens instantly, for all the time I’ve been using the phone it did not work literally a couple of times.

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Xiaomi Mi A1 4G Phablet 5.5 inch

Xiaomi Mi A1 Phablet Global Version
5.5 inch FHD Screen 4G Smartphone

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The Mi A1 is typical for its diagonal (5.5 inches) in size and weight. The smartphone does not feel heavy or thick, it is convenient to grab with one hand, but you need both to control it – this item is do closer to the phablets.

The smartphone has a good for its price display: it has a nice natural color rendition, maximum viewing angles, a good margin for brightness and excellent oleophobic coverage. In the sun, the picture fades, but remains readable, and in the dark at a minimum brightness, the display will not aggravate your eyes.

When you use Android One-based Mi A1, the user experience is the most similar to the Nexus or Pixel, just in the budget version. Everything works as planned: nothing fails or lags, and the phablet doesn’t get overloaded.

It has triple cameras system, where back-camera is 12.0MP + 12.0MP with f/2.6 aperture and PDAF, and front camera is 5.0MP. Though, I must admit that the quality of photos wasn’t as tip-top as i expected, especially at dusk.

To sum up the best features, I will allocate the excellent display, quite good operating time, comfortable dimensions and weight, and also excellent speed of work. Definitely give this a try, if you are an active, busy person, who uses phone a lot and appreciates speed, productivity and style. It will reward you with comfy and fast chit-chatting on your social media, listening to music on long walks, and perfect tuning in with your style.

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