Verbatim Aluminum USB-C Port Hub Adapter

If you own a McBook you’ve probably bumped into the situation where there are too many electronic devices to charge or transfer data and too little slots on the laptop. So, in case you can relate yourself to this problem, it’s high time to purchase a Port Hub Adapter. In this review we would have a closer look to a Verbatim Aluminum USB-C Port Hub Adapter for MacBook Pro with Power Delivery.

Verbatim is a brand that offers an extensive line of computer accessories. Those particular adapters were designed to feel like a natural extension of the Apple new MacBook, 2016 New MacBook Pro with similar product lines, thickness, right angled edges and rounded corners. The manufacturer stresses that precision milled aluminum enclosure color of the hub adapter is matched to silver and space gray shades of MacBook Pro.

Verbatim Aluminum USB-C Port Hub Adapter

Verbatim Aluminum USB-C Port Hub Adapter

Basically, a USB-C hub turns your USB-C port into a multi-tasking powerhouse. With a variety of ports and offering fast data transfer speeds, these hubs are sleek and compact – perfect for laptops and on-the-go use. The extension adapter works with Type-C devices such as Apple new MacBook, New MacBook Pro and Google Chromebook. It comes with 5 ports for connecting a variety of storage media or accessories such as memory card, HDD, USB or mouse.

As long as the item is rather on the pricier side, the adapter is given one year limited warranty. Among a number of different forms of these adapters Verbatim is almost the only example that does three crucial things at once: passes power through to the laptop without stealing too much of it, provides more than one USB port at decent USB3 speeds and reads SDXC cards.

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usb-c hub adapter, MAC

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Other good news are that it gets warm after awhile, but doesn’t get blazing hot like some other hubs. Even after having been used for months the gadget hasn’t quit working — another common problem with these often rushed-to-market products.

You can plug two USB devices into the adapter and it will slowly charge them at the same time. USB sticks, phone, external SSD, and compact flash reader all operate at good speeds. The SSD doesn’t consistently hit 250MB write + 250MB read like it does when directly connected with a different adapter cable, but it gets up in that same neighborhood.

A stroke of good design thought is that the adapter is solidly built. Honestly, it works fine even after tumbling around in a bike bag for months. Another positive design feature is the little blue power light, which is noticeble but not annoyingly bright.
Finally, if you want, you can plug it in upside-down to get the cables out of your way.

Possible bad news are really few. The hub adapter is a little too easily detachable. When you’re trying to unplug one of your USB devices you can sometimes accidentally unplug the entire thing. In practice that’s not a very big deal: just unplug the whole thing every time you want to switch cables around.

Inserting SDXC cards can be rather awkward. Again, just unplug the whole thing and swap them that way.
Needless to say, many phone accessories need taming, and an adapter can cope with that perfectly. Verbatim would be a good investment for a couple of years, as well as your McBook is.

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