Smart Self Cleaning Water Bottle with on-the-go Purification

Kickstarter platform offers many different interesting and unique items that grasp the attention of many. This time, one very attention grabbing item is the Quartz Smart Self Cleaning Water Bottle with on-the-go Purification. It is made to be reused many different times, and is rechargeable and insulated. It is made to keep the bottle itself clean, and the water that you drink. It has a double insulated construction, that helps keep water cool for up to 24 hours, and hot for up to 12 hours.

The size of the bottle is 525 ml, not too large and not too small. Built in, it has a 280nm UV-C light that turns on quickly with just one touch of a button. Once that is turned on, it helps remove up to 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. It activates every four hours, to always keep the bottle and water clean.

Smart Self Cleaning Water Bottle with on-the-go Purification

Reusable water bottles are very needed these days, since plastic bottle bring harm to the environment. Many people complain that the only reason that they do not choose reusable bottles, is because they are hard to clean, get too dirty, and do not purify water. Well this Quartz bottle solves that issue!

As well as that, this bottle is offered in all popular colors, such as Obsidian black, Monaco Blue, Seaside Mint, Himalayan pink and Granite White. Once one pours water into it, they just need to press on one button, and in just 60 seconds, the water is ready for drinking!

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