Portable Fast Outdoor Pizza Oven for All Pizza Lovers!

Napoli multi-fueled Portable Fast Outdoor Pizza Oven is offered on the kickstarter platform, and is a very interesting item! It is very movable, inexpensive and high quality, easy to set up and take out to just about anywhere outdoors, whether it is your own backyard or a park. Since it is multi-fueled, this oven can be used with wood, gas, charcoal, you name it! Made out of high quality, it has fully insulated walls, as well as ceiling and floor. This helps keep the heat in!

The temperature of the oven, can go up to 900 degrees! This type of temperature makes it possible to cook pizza in just 90 seconds! Napoli oven is also perfect for cooking other foods such as fish, meat and vegetables, and more! In addition, it also has a corrugated flooring, that helps prevent the heat from changing the floors that it oven stands on. The legs that the oven stands on, are foldable and this helps to easily move it around from one location to another.

Fast Outdoor Pizza Oven

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There is a back outer shell, that is made to easily open and add more wood or charcoal to the oven. The lower access of the oven, is made to remove the wood and charcoal at the end of the usage. Inside there is also an inner body shell, and an outer body shell with insulation. The weight of this oven is 21 pounds, with a height of 7 inches when folded, and 10 inches with unfolded legs, width of 14 inches, depth of 21.375 inches, and the opening is 3.125 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide. The pizza stone is 12.375 inches in width and 13.5 inches deep, for the perfect pizza! Visit the page with fast outdoor pizza oven on Kickstarter to check more.

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