MacBook Universal Charger External Laptop Battery

We are in constant use of our laptop computers and mobile devices. Both gadgets have the tendency to die quickly, and charging them while on the go can be a hassle. There are many different power banks that can charge mobile phones, but not many are powerful enough to charge laptop computers. K3 36000mAh Power Bank MacBook External Laptop Battery power bank, is powerful Universal Charger, durable and perfect for all users of computers and mobile devices or other gadgets, charging OTG.

MacBook Universal Charger External Laptop Battery

MacBook Universal Charger External Laptop Battery

To start of with, this power bank is of a silver neutral and trendy color. It is made out of the most durable aluminum alloy shell, that is made to be long lasting. The size of this power bank is approximately 7.76 x 5.35 x 1.02 inches with a weight of about 1 KG. With these parameters, it is quite compact and lightweight, easy to bring along wherever and whenever it is needed. For enough charging power for all of your devices, this bank has 36000 mAh, very larger compared to many others. On the side, there is four LED indicators, that shows users how much of the battery is left for them, and when it needs to be placed on charge. It charges quite long, in about five to eight hours, but that is reasonable for this type of power.

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MacBook Universal Charger External Battery

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It has a USB TYPE C port that allows one to charger their mobile device. As well as that, the package includes two laptop charger connectors to help charge your laptop computer. Another great feature of this product, is that it helps control your devices from overcharging, overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit. Automatic sleep mode on this power bank, makes it automatically turn off within 60 seconds if no gadget is connected to it. The life cycle of this power bank is more than 1000 times.

Universal MacBook power bank is affordably priced and extremely durable. It is very convenient, and will be the perfect partner to any mobile device and laptop computer. One will never have to worry about trying to find an outlet to place their device on charge. If you are in need of something similar, you might want to bring your attention to this item.

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