Best Juice Maker – Advanced Blender, Vacuum Mixer

At the moment you realize you need to eat your greens, but can not palate them in their original shape, all those smoothie bowls and vitamin juices come on the stage, consequently putting you in search of a good kitchen device. Here’s a review on one of the best blenders – Juice Maker Advanced Blender Vacuum Mixer. This great kitchen appliance will grind up all your leafy treats, but also won’t make you spend all the money for the sake of healthy habits. Advanced Blender and Vacuum Mixer will cope with turning leafy greens, berries, fruit and veggies into smoothies, cocktails and juices.

Vacuum blending of this new generation cold type blender causes no color change to the products, leaves no scum, no oxidized residue and no separated particles. If you have tried to create a beautiful smoothie bowl by immersion blender and ended up with a runny liquid of unappetizing grayish color – you know what I’m speaking about. As the manufacturer explains the technology, the vacuum causes the products which are being blended to expand, resulting in finer processing of ingredients.

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Best Juice Maker - Advanced Blender, Vacuum Mixer

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Turning to technical features, the unique hexa-blade system utilizes 8 blades at different angles. As the description goes, combined with a powerful 30,000 rpm motor and the reduced resistance from vacuum blending, ingredients are pulverized to a fine consistency. Many nutritionists say that the more ground product particles are, the more bioavailable vitamins and minerals in them become.

The vacuum blender offers the choice of an analog dial for variable speed control, or a fully automatic “one-touch” control that removes the air, pulses the ingredients, and then blends them until smooth. A nice smooth plant beverage would take you not more than 2 minutes of work.

It has a big capacity of 1.5 L blending jar, which is made from Tritian BPA free material. Such capacity of the bowl is more than enough to prepare your drinks for some family gathering or to mix up and store in advance for the following day.

This blender is not recommended for dry ingredients like nuts. That is best left for blenders with pushers or scrapers. But for fruits, vegetables, frozen smoothies and green smoothies, it really is a game-changer. I dare to predict that in case you stick to vegetables, fruit and leafy greens, left alone ice cubes and nuts, the blender will serve well for several years.

To summarize, this middle-market vacuum blender is a brilliant choice for those consumers who not only care for the taste of their drinks, but also about their micro nutrient and vitamin content. The whole machine weighs 6.5 kilos – that’s a typical weight for kitchen stationery of this kind.

Juice Maker – Advanced Blender, Vacuum Mixer

Juice Maker - Advanced Blender, Vacuum Mixer

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