Best Portable Speaker MEIZU Lifeme Bluetooth Speaker

Listening to music and watching movies is a popular activity of many. However, many people often have a problem with the fact that it is not loud enough. If listening to music on mobile devices, often the sound is quiet, and same goes to if one watches on laptop computers. Many people search for different speakers to connect to their devices. In this review, we have taken a look at one of the best gadgets – MEIZU Lifeme BTS30 Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker, that is made to provide with the greatest sound.

MEIZU Lifeme Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker is offered in a gray or white color, and is quite compact. 7.28 x 3.78 x 1.57 inches in size, with a weight of 0.8990 KG, it is easy to bring along with you for any needed occasion. MEIZU BTS30 speaker is made to be waterproof resistant, for usage indoors or outdoors. Bluetooth 4.0 installed with CRS Bluetooth chip helps reduce the interface of other signals, help save the amount of energy used, and helps better transmission. With Bluetooth, one can connect just about any mobile device to listen to their favorite tunes, or can connect their laptop computer.

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MEIZU Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

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As well as that, this provides with the opportunity to talk on the phone hands free through the speaker. One can also connect via an AUX cord, or micro USB cord. After connected, perfect sound quality comes from the speaker with the sound being u to 83 dB. Built in, this MEIZU lifeme BTS30 speaker has an 2200 mAh battery. It charges within 3.5 hours, which is quite fast. Once fully charged, it is made to provide with about 7 hours of working time, enough to last for the entire day.

MEIZU lifeme BTS30 bluetooth speaker is perfect for those who enjoy loud, sharp and great sound. People of all ages enjoy this speaker for completely different reasons. The indoor and outdoor function with being waterproof, is just an added bonus. So if you are one in search of a high quality and portable speaker, than this one is probably perfect for you. The affordable price of it, is something that attracts many others as well.

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