MEIZU Lifeme Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

When launching this MEIZU Lifeme BTS30 speaker, Meizu proclaimed it to sound like a 400 $ speaker while being sold for way less. Practically, that is what most people look for – just ordinary folks who like to enjoy the beat at the yard party, as well as trainers, animators and cafe owners who need speakers for work. And, overall, this device really performs the only option it has at best – the sound is clear and powerful, the battery rocks 7 hours of work with mid-volume sound, and the core is little prone to external damage. Here is the review.

MEIZU Lifeme Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

This MEIZU Lifeme BTS30 Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker has symmetrical design, simple but cool and stylish. Its shape resembles of old-fashioned transistor radios, and the material is very pleasant to touch. In some way one can find similarity with Marshall vintage speakers, the only difference being cold silvery colors Meizu chose instead of warm browns by Marshall.

In frame design were used integrally molding aluminum + precision cutting CNC. Those materials are strong, and posess anti-scratch and anti-resistant qualities.

The speaker adopts England CSR Bluetooth chip and also supports stable Bluetooth 4.0. It is easily compatible with most Bluetooth devices, smartphones, iPads or others. The effective distance is 10 meters – quite sustainable for a party, open training or, say, a wedding ceremony.

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MEIZU Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker

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The gadget works on a built-in rechargeable li-ion battery with low power consumption. The manufacturer promises 7 hours of work, yet keep in mind that this number relates to mid-volume sound.

As Meizu describes, dual NdFeB high-performance magnetic circuit unit and dual passive diaphragm radiator make the sound more pure. Other features are Texas instrument (TI) TPA3130 amplifier and MaxxEQ 10 balanced tuning and low frequency extension algorithm of Waves MaxxBass.

There are only three buttons on the speaker – charging, volume regulation and call answer. There are also tiny, almost invisible connection indicators and the indicator of 3D mode. At the rear panel there are AUX, micro USB opening and charging indicator.

Note that when the battery is low, this speaker gives out sound signals about every 30 seconds, continuing to play the music at the same time. The sound is really decent, especially when strengthened by 3D mode. What is peculiarly good is the fact that there’s no distortion even at the maximum volume.

To sum up, this Meizu product is really worthy and qualitative. It would provide you with lively sound and won’t leave completely broke.

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