Home Security Remote Control Alarm System Kit

It is significant to protect our homes and businesses with a high quality alarm system that will keep us aware, and calm knowing that everything is secure. There are plenty of different types of alarm systems, and security cameras, and in this review, we have observed the 9100-A Remote Control Home Security Alarm System Detector Sensor Kit.

This alarm system comes in several different pieces. It is offered in a white color and is very durable, made to work perfectly in temperature from -20 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius. Built in, it works on rechargeable NI-HI AAA batteries. The voice on this system, can be set to either Spanish, French or English, whatever is needed for you and your close one. The main base of the alarm system, has an LCD screen, that shows the time for easy usage. As well as that, it has a number pad that allows users to make phone calls, and send SMS. It can store up to 6 groups of different phone numbers, where the alarm system will make calls to these numbers if it senses any sorts of motion or trouble. 2 phone numbers can also be stored for sending SMS, also in case of an emergency. SMS are also sent in case the battery in the alarm system goes low, or when the power is lost and recovered.

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Home Security Remote Control Alarm System

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In addition to this, the alarm system has 8 wired defense zones, and 5 wireless remote control codes. One key control function is also included for out arm, home arm, and remote arm. It has several defense zones programming functions, such as real time, delay, 24 hours and bypass. A voice recorder is also included with the alarm system. If the alarm goes off, the volume of the siren is about 110 dB.

9100-A Quad Band alarm system is decently priced and is very long lasting. It will provide with the perfect security of your home or business, at all times. If you are wanting an alarm system, you might want to bring your attention to this one, especially since it is possible to also connect other devices to it, for example a surveillance camera.

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