Smart Water Control Thermometer with LED Display

Sick of stepping into ice cold shower, burning your feet against bowling hot bath or endlessly trying to get the right temperature of running water? Then this asset is exactly what you need in your bathroom. Smart Water Shower Control Thermometer with LED Display controls the temperature of the water in your faucet, and shows the results clearly and precisely.

The sensor is self powered, mainly comprises a hydro power generator, a thermal sensor, and a digital LED display.

In this review I will briefly describe my impressions on it as a mom of a 3 months kid. For me in particular, this device made bathing my daughter way easier, as I no more need to carry around a separate thermometer and bathe her in a smaller plastic bath.

Self-Generating Electricity Water Temperature Monitor, originally designed for baby care, allows you to monitor the water temperature clearly and accurately based on the high-precision temperature sensor.

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LED Display Water Shower Thermometer

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Although, I think not only kids’ parents will find this of use, but also people with particular skin conditions, and old-aged people. Another health concern that the sensor fits is the plastic it is made from – the materials are approved for drinking water.

What also matters a lot – no batteries are required for its work. The device harvests its energy from the water flow.

I also appreciated the possibility of quick and easy installation without any tools, which I was able to perform myself. The sensor is suitable for standard 1 / 2 inch water pipe, shower hose, or handheld shower. Another feature I enjoyed was elegant and sleek design, which would comply with most showers and bathroom ware.
The sensor is rather on the pricier side, but I am planning to resale it after my kid grows up.
To conclude, this is a smart, qualitative, and eco-friendly device that has only one option, but performs it at best. If you have or plan to have a kid – definitely purchase one, to save yourself from damaging the child and constantly rebuying cheap break-prone plastic thermometers.

Smart Water Shower Control Thermometer
with LED Display

LED Display Water Shower Thermometer

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