Zanflare Infrared Motion Sensor Light Bulb

Zanflare Infrared Motion Sensor Light Bulb is an item definitely worth repurchasing, and I would explain why in the following review.

This would be a no-brainer if you live in a big house with several corridors and pantries, and also need light for your garage and basement. With wide voltage range AC100 – 240V, the sensor light bulb can be used for gardens, porches, home stairs and even hotel rooms. The light with standard E27 lamp cap can be installed in any E27 socket conveniently.

Due to PIR sensing technology, the bulb automatically turns on when sensing any presence or movement, and turns off after 60 seconds of inactivity when no more sensing presence or movement. Highly sensitive sensor can detect the movement within 16 to 33 ft distance, so when you approach at night, it will sense your presence and light up your way.

The manufacturer notices that the motion light bulb will turn off only when the light intensity is out of 6 – 10LUX , and it will turn on within less than 6 – 10LUX light intensity and after detecting any movement.

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Zanflare Infrared Motion Sensor Light Bulb

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The light bulb with 850LM output and high CRI ( > 80 ) emits clear and lively light, so you can easily see your items. It has 3000K – 6000K color temperature range, so you can find the most comfortable atmosphere for any room. Though, I prefer warmer yellowish light, especially in my house, because it is not as stressing as a flash of cold blueish light when you walk at night out of your sleeping room.

It’s also worth to note that this particle is made of non-pollutant eco-friendly materials. The main body of the light bulb is made of aluminum to make sure the light bulb has a powerful cooling performance and work stably, so the light bulb can be used for a long time. Moreover, it saves tons of energy, as the 15W light bulb replaces traditional 60W bulb, which can save 50 percent to 60 percent of power.

Finally, probably the most influential factor for me was the price of this bulb. Roughly ten dollars for a long-lasting house ware piece is a good bargain!

Zanflare Infrared Motion Sensor Light Bulb

Zanflare Infrared Motion Sensor Light Bulb

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