Best Selling 1-axis Sport Action Camera Stabilizer

In this review I’m going to share my basic impression on 1-axis Wearable Sport Action Camera Stabilizer by SOOCOO. This is a tool which can help any sports enthusiast that uses a moving piece of equipment, such as a bike, a car, a boat, a plane or a copter. The axis stabilizer is brilliant for keeping action cameras or phones flat and level in either portrait or landscape orientations. In general, I would give this device an 8 out of 10 mark – it is quite durable, reasonably priced, easy to carry around, and, most importantly, does it’s job well.

The Onboard Stabilizer really helps with any horizontal movement, so you can safely fix your camera, phone onto the area you want to video or photograph. It is so easy to set up – simply pop your action camera or smartphone inside the clamps and switch it on. You choose the orientation by adjusting your devices orientation manually whilst mounted on the stabilizer and turning the stabilizer on.
The stabilizer changes the postion of the camera due to the way the camera is fixed after any quick movement. A piece of equipment allows the Onboard Stabilizer to be fixed to the mount and then the camera or the phone is mounted onto the stabilizer.

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SOOCOO PS2 Wearable Camera Stabilizer

SOOCOO PS2 Wearable Camera Stabilizer

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What’s special about this one is that it is stabilized electronically. The device must have some kind of gyroscope built in to gauge the angle, gravity and position of the device. As the manufacturer says, patent pending artificial intelligence software driving 64 bits ARM-MCU pro-actively cancels the movement. The spinner has very soft notches which helps the stabilizer lock positions. The compensation that the stabilizer applies is smooth and not so noticeable when filming.

This SOOCOO Stabilizer is powered by a battery which, when fully charged, lasts for up to 8 hours which is more than you can get, for example, from both of the batteries for the Action Camera. The unit appears to be well made, and is also water resistant, so that’s a great point to raise. Moreover, the stabilizer is compact and lightweight compared to most other effective stabilizers on the market.

One thing that could be improved is a wider holder to support bigger phones.

To conclude, SOOCOO is an excellent value product for the money it costs, and is really comparable to the far more expensive ones.

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