Best Sellers Portable Bluetooth Photo Printer

Polaroid cameras have become very popular, since most people enjoy receiving the small picture right away. Not everyone is an owner of such a camera, or want to purchase one, while printing off photos is something most would love to do right away. Printed photos bring warm memories, and make great gifts. Portable photo printers have come into trend recently, and PAPERPANG is not staying behind. In this review, one of the best sellers Portable Bluetooth Photo Printer PAPERPANG P1 has been observed.

Best Portable Bluetooth Photo Printer

PAPERPANG P1 Portable Bluetooth photo printer is very unique looking and compact. White color is neutral and trendy for most people. The size of this printer is just 3.27 x 3.27 x 1.77 inches, and it has a weight of 0.2680 kg. All of this, makes it very easy and comfortable to place in a pocket or bag, to bring along with you. It is compatible with just about any mobile device, IOS or Android operating systems. It connect via Bluetooth directly with the mobile device, to start printing the needed pictures. It can even print without WiFi, which is very convenient.

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Portable Bluetooth Photo Printer

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Built in, it has a 1000 mAh battery life, that will charge fully in about 1.5 hours and will work for more than 24 hours non stop. It charges via a USB cord, which is usually always laying around. To never run out of printing paper, this printer supports up to 4 rolls, and the size of the prints comes out to be 57 X 30 mm. It can also be used for different memos, work notes, and as a learning assistant. Users view all of the content on their smartphones and with that correct them and decide on what to print.

This portable and convenient PAPERPANG P1 photo printer is an item that will become very useful. One can print dozens of their favorite photographs, small notes and more, and always on hand. Searching and running to a printing office will be a hassle of the past. It is also very fun and enjoyable, since everything is under your personal control. After closely observing it, we can say that we recommend this affordable item to those searching for something similar.

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