Xiaomi Light Weight Smart Sneakers with Intelligent Chip

A great pair of active wear sneakers are vital for those who go jogging, hiking or any other activity. It is important that we keep our feet and legs healthy, and sneakers play a big role in that. Arch support is needed, and it is important that they are light but tight on the foot. Xiaomi has a really great pair, the Xiaomi Light Weight Smart Sneakers with Intelligent Chip, and in this review we want to share more about them.

Xiaomi Light Weight Smart Sneakers with Intelligent Chip

These sneakers are offered for men in many different sizes from 39 to 46. There are also several different color options, black, blue and gray, so one can choose depending on their liking and style. The sneakers have an attractive design, beginning with a high quality insole, that is soft like a sponge and is breathable. Movement will be more comfortable and will reduce the tiredness of your feet. The so called fishbone arch lock system, is made to fix your feet tightly in one place and will help reduce any sorts of injuries.
The heel of the shoe has a durable TPU balance patch. This patch makes sure that any sort of landing is more soft and stable. Rubber outer sole of the shoe, helps make them less slippery and grasps onto the ground.

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Inside, there is also a torsion balance sheet, that in addition to everything else, helps reduce the risk of injuries. For safety during the darker parts of the day, the shoes have reflective shoelaces woven into them, as well as a reflective strip all around the shoe, which both help drivers see you better.

Another interesting feature of these sneakers, is the intelligent chip in the sole of the shoe. The chip is powered by one CR2032 battery, and it can be placed in either the right or left shoe. The chip is IP67 waterproof, to work in any weather condition. The chip records data such as the amount of steps taken, time being active, and the amount of calories burned. It can easily and quickly be connected to the app for full tracking. With just one shake, the chip can be linked to the app.

Xiaomi smart sneakers are made to impress! They are made out of high quality material, with great support for the feet. The chip is a bonus that only adds convenience! Many previous users are loving them, and the price is affordable!

Xiaomi Light Weight Smart Sneakers with Intelligent Chip
Black / A, Blue /A , LIGHT GRAY / A
Sizes from 39 to 46

Xiaomi Light Weight Smart Sneakers

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