Swivel Cordless Electric Sweeper Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum is one of the best smart household devices of 2017. Although it is not a fully autonomous robotic cleaner, this mop has a bunch of options that make housework far easier. Now You can sweep, vacuum clean and mop floors with only one device. I received it promptly, well-packaged and in flawless state. First and foremost, the 2-in-1 Swivel Cordless Electric Sweeper Robot Vacuum Cleaner is easy to operate and very lightweight.

The W-S018 combines a powerful rolling brush with a microfiber pad. The brush rotates quickly effectively collecting small particles, dust, soil, hair, and so on. Occasionally, you’ll have to empty the trash container. As for the second part, the microfiber pad is ideal for mopping floors and cleaning up all the dirt. The pad is reusable and washable, so you won’t have to buy new ones all the time.

When necessary, you can spray water from a 0.4L water tank to mop the floor. Thanks to this combination, the device is suitable for many different surfaces including wooden floors, cement, ceramic tiles, carpet, etc. The rotary handle is a terrific delight! With it you can reach under the sofa or into the corner and easily move around the room. No more clashes with doors and cupboards).

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Cordless Electric Sweeper

Swivel Cordless Electric Sweeper
Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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In my experience, the cleaner coped well with dog’s hair, spilled beverages and powders, as well as one-week layer of dust and dirt on our living room wood floor. Another advantage is that the cleaner doesn’t have a trash bag. When it’s full, you can just dump the debris out, and move on.
Besides, the device is totally cordless, so you can carry it around the house in any room. It runs on an 800mAh battery and it has to be charged now and then but there are no annoying wires and cables. There is another thing – the W-S018 doesn’t make any noise. Unlike most vacuum cleaners, it doesn’t “scream” and still cleans your house well.
Overall, the W-S018 is definitely a must-have for people who struggle to find time for house cleaning. This robot cleaner does all tasks at once leaving you plenty of free time.

Swivel Cordless Electric Robot Cleaner

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