Powerful Mobile Charger – Floureon W100 Car Jump Starter

Every driver must have a jump starter is their car in case of emergency. Thankfully, as we live in the era of advanced technologies, jump starters can be equipped with more features that could help us in everyday life. One of the best examples of such a functional jump starter is the Powerful Mobile Charger – Floureon W100 Jump Starter with Air Compressor 15000mAh. Here’s a review.

Fluoreon W100 is a portable jump starter and it’s a must-have for any driver. Why? There are a few reasons for it. First, it’s simply good being a jump starter. With its 15 000mAh battery and 500A output, it can jump start your vehicle easily up to 30 times. The device works with petrol and diesel vehicles depending on the size of the engine: maximum 4L for petrol cars and 2L for diesel ones.

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Jump Starter Air Compressor

Powerful Mobile Charger – Floureon W100 Car Jump Starter
with Air Compressor, 15000mAh

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Second, the device put safety as a highest priority. Its intelligent protection system prevents over-voltage, over-current, over-discharge, back-flow, short circuit and other problems. Such high level of protection guarantees 100% safety for you and all connected devices.

Third, it has several additional features and they are awesome. The most impressive one is a built-in air compressor which comes in handy in case you have a puncture and need to replace a flat tire. Besides, it’s good for other inflatable objects, like air mattresses, sports equipment, and so on. Another helpful feature is “power banking” – you can charge other devices from it. To 2 USB outputs you can connect smartphones, tablets, cameras or any other electronic device. Lastly, Fluoreon W100 has a powerful integrated LED flashlight with 3 modes of illumination, so you would always find your way in the dark.

For all these reasons, Fluoreon W100 is a device for all drivers out there. With this jump starter in your car, you are always prepared for emergencies.

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