OnePlus 6.0-inch Smartphone OnePlus 5T Phablet Speck, Price

OnePlus officially introduced the new flagship smartphone OnePlus 5T, which is a significantly improved version of OnePlus 5 presented in June. OnePlus 5T has a lot of differences compared to its predecessor. 5T still has the same dimensions but the display got bigger – from 5.5 to 6 inches – and became frameless. Also, the smartphone doesn’t have the physical Home button under the display, and the fingerprint sensor moved to the back of the device. As for other specs, the smartphone runs a Snapdragon 835 processor, has 6/8 GB RAM and 64/128 GB storage.

OnePlus 5T Phablet

The camera also had a few improvements. If OnePlus 5, which became the company’s first smartphone that received a dual camera, was equipped with wide-angle and telephoto modules, OnePlus 5T received two wide-angle modules with 16 and 20 MP resolution and f/1/7 aperture. In this case, the second module is used when shooting in low light conditions.

Another feature of OnePlus 5T is a face recognition system for unlocking the device. Unlike the iPhone X, the OnePlus smartphone doesn’t 3D-scan of the owner’s face – the 16-MP front camera recognizes faces using a less advanced technology.

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