Ulefone Armor 2 4G Smartphone Review

After watching a YouTube video in which this Ulefone Armor 2 4G Smartphone was used for nuts crashing and driving in nails, I got really excited about trying it out. I received my shock protected phone this week, and here’s full review. It has already experienced drawing in a water-filled bowl, falling on the pavement and going all day without charging. In spite of all that, it still works well.

It is very convenient in everyday life: You can listen to music or videos in your bathroom and keep it on the brim of the sink, walk a dog and don’t care of the phone falling out from your pocket, and so on. After soaking it (literally) in a bowl with water with a video going on, I noticed that the speaker renewed normal sound very quickly. In fact, one can use it under the rain in the street, as long as the headphones and charging slots are closed with the special rubber cup. I am still uncertain about how it works in conditions of frosty weather, but I hope it can survive that.
It goes in a kit with a screwdriver and a special headphones extension adapter, as well as a special extended charger. This can be pretty inconvenient in case You only have one pair of them and have to control and always carry them around, yet a purchase of an additional pair would perfectly solve the problem.

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Ulefone ARMOR 2 4G Smartphone

Ulefone Armor 2 4G Smartphone,
6GB RAM 64GB ROM IP68 Waterproof

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The front camera is 13MP and 16MP rear camera. The function of the autofocus doesn’t work very well and it, as long as it needs manual control most of the times. Still, the photos are exact and detailed enough for an ordinary user. You can turn the camera on by pressing a side button – that’s really convenient, particularly for reporters who need to take photos instantly at the action site, and also need a shock protected device in case any massive clashes or other emergencies occur.

The speakers are loud enough, and give a strong and voluminous sound when connected to a portable speaker.

The phone seems not to need any additional protection, due to a rubber core and anti-scratch glass, which even feels more solid under Your fingers
This gadget would be a perfect option not only for avid hikers or travelers, but also for busy moms with curious kids, plants or outdoor workers, street journalists trainers or preschool teachers who incorporate their gadgets in work, and simply for people who appreciate durability and quality more than refined design and expect the phone to serve for several years.

Though, GPS on this phone works well but some times with a 15 degree mistake.
A big benefit of this gadget is that it has 6 GB operative memory and 64 GB of built-in memory, that practically cancel a need of buying any additional memory cards for an ordinary user. Also it has a speedy 8 core processor and supports micro sd cards up to 128 GB.
Despite this advantages, after the first switching on, the battery lowered very fast (in about 3 hours), the phone gone off, yet still worked two hours on 1% of charge after switching it on.

Ulefone ARMOR 2 4G phone

The buttons are rather tough and need some strength to press, but You get used to that in less than two-three days. Also I want to notice that I can work with the touch screen in my simple gloves, and it perfectly gets it) It is important to notice, that the touch screen does not work properly under the water, yet You can still take photos with the help of special button.

To replace a sim card You need to open the back panel with a screwdriver, which takes no more than 2-3 minutes. This can be a little bit uncomfortable, as long as You don’t have anything fitting at hand, yet the safety of the sim and sd cards is worth it. Moreover, this feature can even be more convenient than in other phones, because there’s no need to take out the battery.
The quality of the flash allows to take photos at night. They are distinctive enough.

The phone also has additional buttons on the main screen, so You can use both touch screen and the rubber buttons. In case something breaks there’s always alternative option.

Ulefone ARMOR 2 Smartphone

Ulefone Armor 2 4G Smartphone,
6GB RAM 64GB ROM IP68 Waterproof

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