microMend – Smart Band for Healing Wounds

Researchers from KitoTech Medical in Seattle introduced a smart device that heals body wounds without using stitches. The device is called microMend and it’s a smart band aid which must be applied to the wound. After a while, the device totally heals the cut until it disappears.

In order to work, the microMend patch must be fastened around the wound. After that, it gradually contracts and tightly keeps the skin on the sides of the cut. The solution is completely painless, doesn’t require stitches and also protects the damaged skin from inflammation and infection.

Smart Gadget for Healing Wounds

The microMend tests were conducted on pigs – the skin of these animals is similar in structure to humans’. After successful tests, KitoTech Medical experts tested the gadget on humans. It turned out that attaching the gadget takes three times less time than stitching the wound. Also, patients said that microMend healed the wound much faster.

Scientists have already demonstrated the microMend at the conference and told that it will be helpful for healing wounds on body parts where stitching isn’t an option. However, it’s still early to talk about the release of this gadget.

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