Car Jump Starter Portable 18000mAh Universal Charger

There can be many emergency situations on the road when one is driving, оr when they are spending time outdoor or travel. It is important to always stay prepared in case a situation occurs. For that reason, make people chose to invest in a car jump starter. In you are one that is looking into purchasing a car jump starter, then we have reviewed the Suaoki G7 Car Jump Starter Portable 18000mAh Universal Charger with adapters and USB Ports.

This car jump starter is offered in two various color options, orange and green. It is made out or durable material and has a portable EVA case that holds the jump starter and all of the other accessories that come along with it. It has a Li-polymer battery of 18000 mAh, that is powerful enough to start a car with a 6 liter gas engine or 5 liter diesel engine up to twenty two times. This jump starter is extra safe with the smart circuits which prevent short circuits from occurring, as well as protect the car battery. The exceptional material protects from fires and has electrical isolation.

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Suaoki G7 Jump Starter

Suaoki G7 Car Jump Starter Portable 18000mAh Universal Charger

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Another great feature of this jump starter, is that it can also charge your mobile device, tablet, laptop computer, MP3 player or any other gadget with a USB charging cord. This Suaoki G7 has two USB ports for full convenience. It charges with a speed of 2.1 amps per port. The IC technology built in, quickly detects your mobile device once it is plugged in, and then adjusts to the particular recharge amount to protect the battery of the device. As well as all that, it has a built-in flashlight. The flashlight has three modes for full convenience, strong, strobe and SOS. The LCD screen on the jump starter provides with information on how much battery life is left, and informs one if they need to place it on charge. The package with the Suaoki G7 jump starter also includes one pair of battery clamps, one car charger, one notebook adapter cable, eight notebook adapter connectors, one AC power charger adapter and a user manual.

Overall, this Suaoki G7 car jump starter is a convenient three in one item. The price of it is absolutely decent, and it will be of much help in any needed emergency situation.

Car Jump Starter Portable 18000mAh Universal Charger

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