Outdoor Jump Starter 400wh Solar Portable Power Supply

Frequently, we are in need of additional electricity for charging our mobile phones, plugging in our appliances, and even for jump starting a car. For that reason, usually a generator of some sort is needed. If you are one that is looking into purchasing a portable power supply, then we have reviewed one and would love to share more about it. We have taken a look at the Suaoki 400wh Solar Portable Power Supply Battery Booster Power Bank with 4 USB ports – great Jump Starter for Car, Bike and Vehicles also charging mobile devices during your travel or outdoor.

This item is very powerful and perfect to use indoors and outdoors. It works very quietly, and that makes it very popular for usage indoors, for example in an office, and at the same time while traveling, camping, fishing, hunting, spending time on a farm or any other outdoor activity. The Suaoki portable power supply is very easy to use, and at the same time it is extremely safe. This makes it quite a family friendly item. As well as all that, this item is great for using when the power is out, or in any other extreme situation.

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Outdoor Jump Starter 400wh Solar Portable Power Supply

400wh Solar Portable Power Supply
Outdoor Jump Starter
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The battery capacity is 400 Wh, which makes is powerful to charge and supply with power, just about anything. The side of this portable power supply has four USB ports for charging your mobile device, tablet, MP3 player and much more. In addition, it has two 300 watt AC power sockets for other electronics such as laptop computers, fans, and so on. It also provides with two DC ports, one cigarette lighter socket, and one jump start port. An LCD screen is also on the side, that provides with information on the amount of battery left and the status of the charge and discharge. The three buttons allow one to change the way that the power will be supplied. If the portable power supply has little battery left, it is very easy and quick to recharge it through a DC outlet in a 12/24V car, through a AC outlet at home, and with the help of the solar panels.

The Suaoki 400 Wh portable power supply is an extremely handy item for those who are constantly on the go, or just want to have extra source of electricity. It is powerful, portable, and durable!

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