Insta360 ONE 4K Panoramic Camera for iPhone and iPad

Cameras are available on the market in all sizes, with absolutely different specifications and for different price ranges. We have observed a camera that will be enjoyable to most people and will capture amazing life memories. In this review, we would like to share more about the Insta360 ONE 4K Panoramic Camera for iPhone and iPad.

Insta360 ONE 4K Panoramic Camera for iPhone and iPad

Insta360 is offered in a black color and is very small and compact. The size is about 9.60 x 3.65 x 2.50 cm and has a weight of 0.0820 kg making it very easy to bring along with you. Having outstanding quality, this camera records videos and takes photographs in 4K resolution, making them extremely sharp, clear and bright. The 24 megapixel camera lens with F2.2 diameter plays a big role in the quality. As well as that, it is possible to capture in 360 degrees to grab the entire surrounding area. Time lapse is also available for capturing sunrises and sunsets, as well as any other event. 6 axis gyroscopic stabilization guarantees that the videos are smooth without any disturbance and shakiness.

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Phone Panoramic Camera

Insta 360 ONE 4K Phone Panoramic Camera
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Smart track auto framing allows you to concentrate on a certain object, and it will always make sure that it is in the center of the display. FreeCapture lets you to turn the videos into the regular 1080 pixel resolution for easy sharing with your friends. This camera can also be easily attached to your mobile phone, or with the help of many other accessories such as tripod, suction cup, drone, selfie stick, helmet, to capture the best shots. 820 mAh battery charges quickly through a USB cable and provides with up to 70 minutes of usage time. Having Bluetooth 4.0 feature, it is easy to connect it to any mobile device or tablet for quick sharing or for live streaming. For plenty of storage space, this Insta360 camera supports external memory cards up to 128 GB.

Insta360 panoramic camera is an item of our generation! It is modern and has features and characteristics for the greatest and highest quality videos and photos. Best of all, is that it is durable and compact. This makes it easy to always have on hand!

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