Floureon W100 Jump Starter Smart Air Compressor

If you are one that is constantly on the road, then most likely you or your close ones have been or been close to a situation where your car has died or your tires have gone flat. Most people get lost in these types of situations and do not know what to do. In order to stay safe and always be prepared, many automobile users have looked into purchasing a car jump starter. Car jump starters can become pricy, however we have reviewed a relatively low priced item and would love to introduce.

This Floureon W100 Jump Starter 15000mAh Smart Air Compressor is offered on the market in a stylish blue color. It is quite compact but powerful. The size of this item is approximately 8.38×6.41×2.67 inches. This jump starter has a carrying case that is large enough to fit the starter and all of the other accessories that go along with it. This makes it very easy to fit it into your glove compartment or in the trunk of your car. The starter itself has 15,000 mAh battery, that is powerful enough to start a car with an engine of up to 4L in gas or 2L in diesel.

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Jump Starter Air Compressor

Floureon W100 Jump Starter
15000mAh Smart Air Compressor

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As well as all that, this jump starter also has a built-in air compressor that will last up to 30 times. This is perfect for filling up your tires, or any other blowup items such as air mattresses. In addition, it also has 2 USB ports, which makes it convenient for charging your mobile device, tablet, camera or any other electronic gadget with a USB charging cable. If you are in an emergency in the darker parts of the day, this jump starter also has a built-in flashlight with three different modes, high, strobe and SOS. This way one can find their way back if they are lost or use it for any other reason. The LCD screen on the top, provides with information on how much battery is left and when it needs to be recharged. The package itself also includes items as battery clamps, car charger, AC adapter, micro USB cable, laptop adapter cable, eight in one laptop adapter connecter, three gas needles, a strap and instructions.

Overall, this Floureon W100 jump starter is a much-needed item for full safety and convenience for those who are constantly traveling and on the road. It will be of great use in emergency situations, and when extra energy is needed.

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