Daily and Travel Accessory for Women – UVLED LED Light lamp

Most women want to have beautiful, stylish and well taken care of nails. Going to a salon to get your nails done, can add up and be quite pricy. With that, many women have started purchasing personal LED lamps, to do their own Gel manicures at home. We have reviewed daily and travel accessory for Women the UVLED SUN9S LED Light lamp, that we think anyone will get great usage of and will come to enjoy.

This LED nail lamp is offered in an adorable, stylish white and pink color. It is compact, and easy to bring along on trips or any other needed place. It is about 21.20 x 12.00 x 7.50 cm in size, and has a weight of 0.3300 kg. The arched shape of this LED lamp, makes it easy to dry the polish on both your hands and your feet. This nail lamp has 18 LED lamp beads that are covered with LED phototherapy, that dry the glue and polish as needed. The light is comfortable to the eyes, and will not damage them, as well as that, it will not bring any harm to the nails, and one will not feel the burning sensation.

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UVLED LED Light lamp

Daily and Travel Accessory for Women,
UVLED SUN9S LED Light lamp

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Another wonderful feature of this lamp, is the smart built in sensor. As soon as one puts their hand under the lamp, it turns on automatically. After that, one can choose the timer setting themselves. For drying the polish itself, it is recommend to set the time to 60 seconds, for top coat 30 seconds is enough, but if needed, 99 seconds can be set. The LCD digital display on the top, will show how many more seconds is left. To add to all that, when purchasing this LED nail lamp, one can choose whether they need a US plug or a EU plug.

To say the least, this UVLED SUN9s lamp, is a fantastic item for all ladies. It will provide with the freedom and creativity to do your own nails the way you want to and whenever you want. It will quickly dry any GEL nail polish, and will be time and money saving. The price that it is offered for is extremely decent!

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