Vortx – New VR Gadget for Full Experience

One of the biggest attractions in VR is a total immersion into another environment. Therefore, any device that provides this experience is guaranteed to become successful. But now, there is a new gadget which will make VR even more life-like for all users.

The gadget is called Vortx and it provides an incredible immersive experience for all VR lovers. Vortx uses a patented technology for analyzing video films or games. Special software examines the situation on the screen and determines the environmental conditions, like cold or hot weather. That way, if the character gets into the battlefield, for example, the player will feel a strong heat.

Vortx VR Gadget

It works the other way around too – at low temperatures, the user will feel the cold air. So, Vortx can recreate various actions with varying degrees of intensity: fast running, shooting, explosions, wind, and so on.

Plus, the device is universal – it works with any games and videos. It doesn’t need to be set up, just choose a good location closer to the user and point at it. If you use just two Vortx and play in a VR headset, the experience will be even better.

Vortx has recently been launched on Kickstarter, so the gadget is available for pre-order.

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