Apple AR Glasses – New Rumours

The rumours about Apple making AR glasses have been going around the Internet for quite some time. Of course, the Cupertino company hasn’t commented any information but things are getting more and more suspicious. In fact, there are two new confirmations to the rumours telling us that Apple is really working on AR glasses.

The first piece of information came from Allen Horng, CEO of Catcher Technology. He said that in the future Apple could release a light and comfortable device for all users. It should be noted that Catcher Technology has been cooperating with Apple for a long time and produces metal enclosures for the company. Therefore, Apple could well turn to a proven partner and ask him to create a frame for high-tech glasses.

The second hint of the new device was shared by journalists from Bloomberg. With reference to their own sources, they reported that the company’s engineers are now developing an accessory that allows them to interact with augmented reality. There is a gadget running the operating system rOS, based on iOS.

In any case, the AR industry which isn’t as actively developed as VR may get a serious boost pretty soon. 

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