Alfawise Alarm Smart Home Security Kit

It is vital to keep our homes and business secure and to prevent break ins and robberies. There are many different security cameras and alarm systems on the market. We have reviewed the Alfawise SA Alarm Smart Home Security Kit, that we would like to write for readers more about.

This alarm system includes many different details in the package, such as WiFi gateway, two Mini PIR Motion sensors, five mini magnets, five transmitters, one door button, one remote control, one screw holder, three Double-sided Adhesive Tapes, seven screws, and six screw anchors. This all makes it very easy to install the alarm system. One can do it all in just about 10 minutes without any other additional tools. It can also be connected to the amazon Alexa voice control, for easy commands and controlling. The remote control has four buttons, that can also be connected to the APP, for full convenience. With the ability to connect to WiFi, one can quickly control their system and receive updates on the security, straight to their mobile device. The security system also provides with the opportunity to connect up to 50 other wireless accessories to it.

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Alfawise Alarm Smart Home Security Kit

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The PIR motion sensor, controls any presence and suspicions movements, and if they are detected, it sends out an alarm. With the doorbell button, one will never miss a signal if it is being rung. As well as all that, this alarm system has a built in strobe siren that has a volume of about 110 decibels. If the alarm goes off, one will receive notifications of the exact location on where it is going off. The record of the alarms can be saved permanently, so they can always be accessed whenever it is needed.

To say the least, this Alfawise SA 1168 home security alarm system is a compact and great way to protect your home. The easy installation allows one easily install it on needed windows, doors and so on, as well as that, it is easy to remove them and replace them in a different room or building. The price of this system is quite decent, and it is worth it for your safety and the safety of your close ones.

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Alarm Smart Home Security Kit

Smart Home Security Alarm
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