Floureon DVR and 4 Cameras Home Security Kit

Security camera kits provide with safety not only in one certain room, but in the entire home or property. These types of kits can become pricy and not for everyone’s pockets, however, we have observed for our review a decently priced and high quality Smart Home Device, the Floureon P4-E4004H-US DVR and 4 Night Vision Cameras Home Security Kit .

These cameras are offered in a black sleek color, and the package is full of all of the needed items for it. The package includes one DVR, four waterproof security cameras, four power cables, one power splitter cable, one USB mouse, one adapter head and a CD software. The lens on these cameras is 4 mm in size, and provides with an image of 960 pixel resolution. The built in IR CUT filters the light, to provide with true color during the day, and a brighter image during the night. The 70 degree angle captures every detail that is going around, which is useful for driveways, entrances, backyards, different warehouses and businesses.

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Home Security Kit

Floureon DVR and 4 Cameras Home Security Kit,
Night Vision Camera

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For night time viewing, the camera has 24 LED lights, with an infrared distance of 10 to 20 meters. As well as all that, the cameras are waterproof, therefore, they will work perfectly in just about any weather condition. One can also set up a schedule on when they want the cameras to start recording and when to finish. To add to that, this kit has a motion detection feature, so if anything is detected, an alarm will be sent to the users mobile device or email.

It also supports P2P technology, where one can connect the DVR to their mobile device, and view everything that is going on at any needed time. One can view on four different channels for each camera separately. The built in USB port, makes it easy to back up all of the recordings onto a USB flash drive for later viewing.

To say the least, this FLOUREON P4-E4004H-US camera kit is a durable, high quality kit out of four surveillance cameras made out of metal material. They provide with high definition recordings and images, and will keep the entire family and business safe with the automatic alarms. The price of this item is decent, and from the reviews of other users, there are not many complaints.

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