ODRVM Waterproof Outdoor 4k Action Camera

Traveling is a favorite hobby of many people. Many of us go on different types of trips that include various different adventures. Bringing a large camera can be uncomfortable and a hassle. For that reason, there are many action cameras on the market that have outstanding quality and features. We have taken a look at the ODRVM Waterproof Outdoor 4k Action Camera, and would like to share about it in this review.

This action camera is portable being approximately 5 x 3.4 x 1 inches in size and having a weight of 2.2 ounces. With that being said, it will easily fit in any pocket of a coat or bag. This camera has a  Novatek NT96660 chip, that together with the SONY CMOS sensor, will provide with high quality photographs at all times of the day. Photos are 20 megapixels, and come out sharp, bright, and contrast. As well as that, it captures 4K 24 fps and 2.7K 30fps videos, where the quality is four times better than regular HD 1080 pixel videos.

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ODRVM Waterproof Outdoor 4k Action Camera

ODRVM Waterproof Outdoor 4k Action Camera

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To add to all that, it has a burst feature, which allows one to capture as many as 60 frames per second in 1080 pixel resolution. This feature is perfect for those who use the camera in more extreme and quick activities, such as bungee jumping, car racing, surfing and so on. It also has features such as time lapse, zoom, motion detection, car mode that enable loop record when driving, cycle record, anti-shaking for moving objects, diving mode and more. One can also set the angle of the lens for capturing, starting from 170 degree, 140 degrees, 110 degrees and 70 degrees. This will provide with the opportunity to either capture a large amount of the surrounding or focus on one spot. There is also a self-timer for 2 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds or double.

Best of all, included in the package is a waterproof case, that will allow one to dive up to 30 meters underwater and still capture high quality photos and videos. It has a 3.7V Li-ion battery of 1050 mAh that provides with up to 40 minutes of recording time in UHD 24 fps, 60 minutes in 1080P 30fps, and 70 minutes in 720p 120fps. For full convenience, it has built in WiFi, that has a signal range of 50 feet. With that being said, one can download the zsanycam app, and fully control their camera, as well as view photos and videos, at any time. The wireless wrist remote control, also allows one to easily and quickly control the camera. It also supports a micro SD card up to 64 GB for saving everything that is captured.

To say the least, this ODRVM 4K action camera is an item that will be full of enjoyment on different trips and activities. It is long lasting, durable, and provides with high definition photos and videos. Best of all, the price is reasonable!

ODRVM Outdoor 4k Action Camera

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