Gaming Keyboard and Mouse – Razer Naga Trinity, Tartarus V2

Recently, Razer entered a new market with its first smartphone made specifically for gaming. At the same time, the company doesn’t forget about its specialty – gaming peripherals. In fact, Razer introduced a new gaming mouse Naga Trinity and a gaming keyboard Tartarus V2. Both devices are quite versatile and can be adjusted for any game genre, especially MOBA or MMO.

Razer Naga Trinity is the 9th product in a famous Razer Naga line-up. Most importantly, this is a modular mouse, which means that users can customize it according to their desires. The mouse has 3 detachable side panels and a classic 12-button Naga Chroma panel on the left side. The panel allows users to work with 19 programmed buttons. Plus, the mouse got more responsive as it has a more advanced optical sensor with 16000 DPI and 450 IPS.

As for the keyboard, Razer Tartarus V2 comes with more programmed buttons – 32. This is 7 more compared to its predecessor. The company used the special mechanical membrane technology so that pushing buttons becomes soft and smooth. Apart from that, the keyboard has an additional mini-keyboard with an 8-position D-Pad with a scrolling wheel.

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Razer Naga Trinity, Tartarus V2

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