Floor Cleaning with Xiaomi Smart Handheld Electric Mop

Daily chores and keeping the house or office clean can be tiring and time consuming. Often with our busy schedules, we do not have the energy or time to wash our floors with various different old-fashioned mops and rags. However, we are lucky to live in a world of different technological advances, where electric mops exist. We have reviewed the Smart Mopping Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop with a flexible rotation design, and would love to share with our readers more about it.

This mop makes cleaning floors effortless. First of all, it has a compact design making the body size approximately 30 x 27 x 5 cm in size and the weight 2.156 KG. The mop has three high quality pads, the normal durable pad, durable terry pad, and disposable environmentally friendly pad, that will wash out any oils, foot prints, liquid spills and other stains on the floors. The long handle prevents the need of having to constantly bend down to wash out or rinse the pad.

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Floor Cleaning with Xiaomi Smart Handheld Electric Mop

Floor Cleaning with Xiaomi
Smart Handheld Electric Mop

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The frequency of the motor in the mop is 1000 times per minute which delivers full cleaning. The water tank has a capacity of 230 ml, and it is vital that clean water is always added. The 0.5 mm nozzle offers even spraying of water, which is convenient and eliminates puddles, that often occur with all of the other methods of floor cleaning.

Another wonderful feature, is that it is very easy to operate the mop, and it can be done with one hand. It is also very flexible and can rotate in any needed direction. When the mop is placed in a complete vertical position, it will lock automatically which makes it extra safe and helps conserve energy. This Xiaomi electric mop has a 2000 mAh li-on battery built-in, that charges fully in 3 hours, and can be used nonstop for 50 minutes, that will last for the cleaning of 100 square meters several times. For full convenience, it has a power indicator, where 3 LED lights means that the mop is charged 100 percent, 2 LED lights means 65 percent, and 1 LED light means 30 percent of power is left. When the 3 LED indicators begin to flash, it means that the battery is very low and it is time to place it on charge. It the pad on the mop needs to be replaced, one can easily and quickly do so by stepping on the pedal edge, lifting the device and then take of the pads.

To say the least, this Xiaomi electric mop is very convenient for any home or office where floors need to be often cleaned. It takes off quite the load, and makes the entire process more quick and enjoyable. It is offered for a decent price on the market, and we would highly recommend it.

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