OnePlus 5T VS OnePlus 5, Price Speck, Coupon Deals

As many smartphone users and those who are up to date, have probably heard that purchasing the OnePlus 5 is no longer possible. This started making many wonder, if the OnePlus 5T is really coming out. As we all know, the OnePlus 3T was a just a better, newer and more updated version of the OnePlus 3.

This puts many into confusion and controversy, but all we can say is that the OnePlus company enjoys building others interest via word of mouth. We do not know for sure if the OnePlus 5T will actually be hitting sales, but rumors are doing their job. Many rumors have spread that the smartphone will be on the market in the month of November, and that it will have a large and up-to-date screen with a ratio of 18:9.

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There have been several supposedly revealed pictures of the OnePlus 5T, that provide us with the impression that the back panel will be similar to that of the OnePlus 5, while the front will basically have no frame! In addition to that, it is easy to notice that the fingerprint scanner has been moved from the front panel to the back, and has a square shape. To add to all that, many others have also noticed that the OnePlus 5T is believed to be quite similar in design to the OPPO R11s. As most of us know, OnePlus and OPPO are companies that have a quite close connection! We are just as excited to see what OnePlus will actually offer!

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