OnePlus Personal Data Collection and Concerns

As plenty of you have probably heard, there have been many complaints about the Chinese smartphone company, OnePlus, gathering different personal material of their users. This has spread quickly and many users have begun to worry about their privacy. OnePlus has indicated that they will end the collection of so much data of their users.

Plenty of other smartphone companies gather information, however OnePlus is believed to have beat them all. OnePlus is believed to have gathered users international mobile equipment identity, phone numbers, media access control addresses, mobile network names and international mobile subscriber identity prefixes, in addition to the wireless network identifying number, serial numbers of the mobile device, and even information of when and what app was used.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, has stated that the devices use OxygenOS and they “securely transmit analytics in two different streams, usage analytics and device information” as quoted. He tried to explain that OnePlus gathered all of this private information in order to try to develop the smartphones and their operating system, and that users have the opportunity to back out of data collection. He tried to calm users worries by asserting that the corporation is trying to advance in the program, and that all of the personal data that was collected, did not leave the company and was strictly for them. All of this means, that all those with OxygenOS smartphones will be encouraged to opt into the program, as well as the terms and regulations of the service will be upgraded. Carl Pei also guaranteed that OnePlus will no longer be gathering phone numbers, mobile network names, and WiFi information.

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OnePlus Personal Data Collection

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