Portable Outdoor Vehicle Refrigerator for Car

Road trips are a popular way of exploring, going on various trips and adventures. Many road trips can take plenty of hours and even several days. Often, it can be of great inconvenience to often stop at restaurants and fast food places to eat, as well as that, it can become pricy. In order to make it more convenient and the road trip more enjoyable, people place different coolers in the car for food. However, the coolers often lose the temperature. In this review, we have looked at the Newman NM 15L Portable Outdoor Vehicle Refrigerator for Car, that will become a lifesaver during long trips in the car or outdoor.

Portable Outdoor Vehicle Refrigerator

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This vehicle refrigerator is offered in a light blue with white color. The size of this refrigerator is 26.50 x 27.00 x 42.00 cm, and it weighs approximately 10.5 KG. It has a volume of 15 liters, and is large enough to fit plenty of food and beverages. One of the best features of this vehicle refrigerator, is that is has a dual use for all four seasons. In the warm seasons, it will keep your food cool, while in the colder seasons, it will keep it warm. The cryogenic temperature of this refrigerator is 40-50 degrees below the normal temperature.
The regular power is 38 W to 58 W, and it is quite energy saving. As well as that, it will not pollute the air with fluorine. To add to all that, it is quiet, with the noise being less than 35 decibels. It also has shock absorption technology, which is perfect for bumpy car trips. This PU insulated car refrigerator also has a digital temperature control, and the temperature has its own regulation. The working voltage is 12V to 24V and makes it universal for just about any car.

Best Portable Outdoor cooler Vehicle Refrigerator

Overall, this Newman NM vehicle refrigerator is a rescuer for long car trips. One can store all of their food and beverages, keep them fresh and ready to consume. One will save plenty of time, without needing to make stops to get food. Since it is very quiet and energy saving, one will not even hear it! We can highly recommend this item to all that spend plenty of time in their car.

Best Portable Outdoor Vehicle Refrigerator

Newman NM – 15L Portable Outdoor Vehicle Refrigerator for Car

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