New Self-Adjusting Band for Apple Watches

All fans of “Back to the Future” franchise must remember shoes and clothes that could adjust themselves to any size. Now, Nike already made such shoes but only in limited edition. Still we may seem a similar technology in another field – Apple just filed a new patent which describes self-adjusting bands for Apple Watches and other wearable devices.

Over the past couple of years, Apple has released quite a lot of different bands for Apple Watches. However, they all have the same drawback – the bands don’t really fit tightly to the user’s wrist. This causes problems, like improper operation of a heart rate monitor or other sensors. Engineers from Apple propose to solve this problem with the help of “self-tightening” bands. They will adjust automatically to any size of the wrist and make sure that the watch always fits to your hand.

New Self-Adjusting Band for Apple Watches

In addition, the patent contains information about a few different descriptions of this technology. The self-adjusting system might be based on materials with memory, the system of tightening and fixing the strap. They can be based on materials with memory, ratchet, hydraulic or gas mechanisms, as well as special sliding elements fitted in the watch. As usual, there is no specified time when this technology will be featured in future Apple Watches.

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