Dual Glass Big Screen Phone Vernee Mix 2 4G Phablet

The market is packed with different smartphones, of all sizes, in different price ranges and with different characteristics. In this review we have taken a look at a Dual Glass Big Screen smartphone, that you might become interested in as well –  Vernee Mix 2 4G Phablet 6.0-inch phone.

To start of with, this phablet is offered in two neutral colors that are suitable for most people, Black and Blue. This device is 15.78 x 5.77 x 0.82 cm in size and has a weight of 0.2050 KG. The screen on this phablet is large being 6.0 inches in size, with rounded corners and an extra narrow frame. The ratio of the screen is 18:9, much large than most other smartphones, where the ratio is 16:9. The screen also delivers 2160 x 1080 resolution, which makes it fully high definition. This phablet also feels great to the touch, with the metal frame and glass on the front and back. The MTK6757CD Octa Core processor with 2.5 GHz frequency provides with a fast and smooth experience.

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Vernee Mix 2 4G Phablet

Vernee Mix 2 4G Phablet 6.0-inch, Dual Glass Phone,
4200 mAh Battery, 6GB RAM + 64GB ROM Smartphone

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Vernee Mix 2 4G Phablet 6.0-inch, Dual Glass Phone,
4200 mAh Battery, 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM Smartphone

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To add to all that, this phablet has outstanding camera quality. The 13.0 plus 5.0 megapixel Sony IMX 258 dual rear camera has a F2.0 aperture, wide angle, double telephoto lens, and many other features for sharp and clear photographs. The front camera is 8.0 megapixels, for fun selfies! To provide with plenty of storage space, this mobile device has a 64 GB internal memory capacity, that can also be expanded up to 128 GB with an additional TF card. The RAM is 4 GB for easy operating with no freezes and crashes. The back panel of this smartphone, has a fingerprint scanner, for full protection of all of your files. The Vernee Mix 2 also supports up to 2 sim cards for full convenience. To last throughout the entire day, this device has a built-in battery of 4200 mAh. It charges quickly, and will last for many hours of continuous usage.

The Vernee Mix 2 is a great smartphone device for a decent price. It is sleek, durable, has a great camera, and plenty of memory space and battery life, as well as many other features. We would recommend this item to everyone that is searching for a larger device.

Vernee Mix 2 4G Phablet 6-inch Smartphone

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