Fidget Spinner Mobile Phone

The biggest and probably one of the most annoying trends of 2017 is a fidget spinner. These toys were everywhere for quite some time. Besides, people got really creative making these spinners, they came in all shapes and sizes. But you think you’ve seen it all, you’re in for a surprise – Chilli International made a fidget spinner mobile phone.

The company based in Hong Kong created quite an interesting mobile device. In terms of characteristics, it doesn’t have much: a 1.4-inch screen, 32MB storage (expandable to 8GB), Bluetooth and a simple web browser. Because it’s a regular phone, it doesn’t have any apps or other smartphone luxuries.

First Fidget Spinner Mobile Phone

As for spinning, the device isn’t so good at it. Unlike most spinners, this one doesn’t have a ball bearing, so it won’t be spinning for over a minute. Still, users will be able to twirl it a little bit just for fun. Another eye-catching thing is coloring – the phone comes in striking rose gold, gold, silver, blue or red. The fidget smartphone is available for $20 but only on the Indian market for now.

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