Best Mute Smart Sweeping Robot ILIFE V7 Home Vacuum Cleaner

We all want a clean living space, without dust, dirt and stains. However, it can be very time consuming to keep it dirt free, and to tidy it all up. To be of help to us, we all search for different vacuum cleaner and mops, and the market is full of them. To narrow down your search, we have reviewed one of the best Smart home cleaner – Super Mute Sweeping Robot ILIFE V7 Home Vacuum Cleaner, that also has many other outstanding features.

To start of with, this robot cleaner can quickly be connected to the APP. With the help of the app, one will be able to control the entire process, set the timer, and choose the mode. The shape of this robot cleaner is round with the size being 34.00 x 34.00 x 8.00 cm, and the weight 2.9500 KG. After being set, this robot cleaner automatically starts sweeping, side cleaning, special cleaning, timing cleaning and mopping. As well as that, it can easily overcome obstacles, and reach every corner and space. The built in technology, also has fall protection, so that the robot does not fall down stairs or other elevated surfaces. On the other hand, it can climb obstacles up to 10 mm and less, with a 10 degree angle.

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Best Mute Smart Sweeping Robot ILIFE V7 Home Vacuum Cleaner

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Another great part of this robot cleaner, is that it is extremely quiet. The 50 dB noise, allows one to sleep in the same room without any disturbance, and perfect for any home with small children. The 2500 mAh lithium battery, charges quickly and will provide with up to 2 hours of usage time. This robot vacuum can clean space up to 150 square meters. The 400 PA suction will pick up all dirt and dust.

To say the least, this ILIFE V7 robot vacuum cleaner is a wonderful item that will be of big help in any home. It will pick up all of the dirt, and afterwards will mop the floors to make them shine! It is lightweight, small in size, and quiet, but has characteristics that many large vacuum cleaners do not have. Overall, we would recommend this robot vacuum to our readers.

Super Mute Smart Sweeping Robot
ILIFE V7 Home Vacuum Cleaner

Super Mute Smart Sweeping Robot ILIFE V7 Home Vacuum Cleaner

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