Samsung HMD Reality – New Samsung Mixed Reality Headset

More companies are exploring mixed reality and augmented reality. The recent example is Samsung – the Korean company introduced its first MR headset called HMD Odyssey. The device was made specifically for the Microsoft’s platform Windows Mixed Reality.

The headset is equipped with two 3.5-inch displays with high definition (1600×1400) and wide viewing angle (110 degrees), AKG headphones, which provide a more immersive experience due to 360-degree surrounding sound, and 6 DOF sensors for tracking the motions of the user.

Samsung HMD Reality

Just like other headsets from this platform, HMD Odyssey doesn’t require any additional sensors for positioning in space. In order to start working with the headset, the user just needs to put it on and turn it on. Another advantage of this headset is its customization – users can adjust the distance between the displays to increase brightness and quality of imagery.

Samsung HMD Odyssey already comes with special controllers, so it might be a bit pricier – $500. The device will go on sale later this year.

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