Smart Home Cleaner Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Homes and offices tend to build up plenty of dust and dirt, especially with kids, or pets around. Keeping them clean at all times, can be a hard task, especially when you are trying to fit all of that into a busy schedule. For convenience, many people prefer turning to robot vacuum cleaners for assistance. We have observed in this review a Smart Home cleaner, the Original Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, that we think everyone should take a look at as well.

First of all, this robot cleaner has intelligent technology, with 12 different sensors. The laser distance sensor, is one that quickly scan the area 360 degrees, 1800 times in one second, to determine the interior of the building. In order for it to choose the best cleaning route, there are three different processors in the robot cleaner. Other sensors include the ultrasonic radar sensor, cliff sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer. The simultaneous localization and mapping algorithm helps it choose the best cleaning path, even in unknown territories. Built in it has a powerful Nidec brushless DC motor that distributes 1080Pa air pressure for full suction. It also has the main hover brush, and a side dynamic brush, where the main brush instinctively adjusts its height for different surfaces.

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As well as that, the wall sensor keeps the vacuum 10 mm from the wall, so that it can precisely clean the edges. To add to all of that, it is quite durable, maid out of durable ABS material, and coming in 7 parts. To add to all of this, the robot vacuum cleaner has a 5200 mAh Li-on battery, that charges quickly and can clean up to 250 square meters with a working time of about 2.5 hours. If the battery is dying, or if the robot cleaner is through with its job, it automatically returns back to the charging dock. If the work was unfinished, it charges up to 80 percent and will return back to doing its job. It can also be connected to the APP, where one can control where it has cleaned, set a schedule for a cleaning time, control the cleaning mode, or finish the job.

There is also an upgraded version of this robot, that has some additional features such as being able to mop floors with its built in water tank, having 2000Pa suction pressure, 2 cm obstacle climbing, and a anti drop stair sensor. However, it is quite pricier.

Overall, the original Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner is an outstanding robot on the market. The price and quality attracts many customers, and we recommend our readers it give it a try.

Smart Home Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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