USB Smoothie Maker Portable Electric Juicer Cup

Juice is one of the most nutritious and healthy beverages at our disposal. It can be made from vegetables or fruit bringing necessary vitamins to the body. And needless to say, juice is delicious. Usually, people use special devices called juicers to get this beverage but these appliances are too big. Instead, you can get a much more practical product – a portable, bottle-sized, USB-powered Smoothie Maker Electric Juicer Cup. Here’s our review.

This juicer is a perfect way to bring some changes to nutrition and start eating healthier. This device is basically a slightly bigger bottle that looks like a shaker. There are a few things that make this device so unique. First of all, it has a reliable construction. The smooth, 380ml glass cup is securely attached to the base with intelligent induction shutdown. The glass itself is transparent, 5mm thick and it doesn’t get hot or deformed while the device is working. The process of juicing is the responsibility of the grinding, stainless-steel blade which is placed right on the base. The blade rotates fast mixing all ingredients in a nice, tasty drink. Lastly, the top is sealed with a PP cover, so the juice won’t spill from the cup.

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Portable Electric Smoothie Maker 380ml USB
Electric Fruit Juicer Handheld Blender
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The second thing about this juicer is its portability. Every morning, you can prepare the fruit, put them in the cup and make the juice while you’re away from home. You can always take it to the gym to enjoy a refreshing beverage while working out. Plus, the device is fitted with a silicone handle, so you can carry it anywhere conveniently. That’s why this is an ideal accessory for travelling.

Finally, the juicer is wireless – it’s powered by the rechargeable 2000mAh battery. Whenever necessary, the gadget can be recharged via USB using a laptop, a computer, a power bank or a car charger. In any case, you can be sure that there’s always a way to charge the juicer. That way, you can enjoy freshly squeezed juice whenever you are.

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