Genuine Leather Messenger Bag MacBook Laptop Handbag

Men of all ages always try to find a proper bag that can fit all of their necessities and even a laptop computer. However, not everyone wants to carry a big backpack for example. We have found a leather bag for MacBook laptop, that we have reviewed and want to share with you.

This Bostanten brand bag is stylish and is offered in three various color options: Black, Blue, and Coffee. These color options are neutral and everyone can choose one for their preference and liking. Another feature is that this bag is created out of genuine Cowhide leather. This makes it durable, and on the high end compared to many other bags. The bag itself is 38 cm in length, 10 cm in width, and 28 cm in height. This makes it quite spacious and large enough to fit just about any size laptop computer.

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Genuine Leather Messenger Bag MacBook Laptop Handbag

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There is one main and large compartment, that can fit the laptop, as well as magazines and books. Inside the large compartment, there are separate pockets for a mobile phone and other smaller items such as pens, notes, MP3 players and so on. On the side, there is a separate smaller pocket that works wonderfully for placing a tablet, or other smaller, thinner items. Both pockets are tightly closed with a zipper that is either gold or silver colored. This bag is also quite universal. It can be carried as a brief case with the short handles on the top. As well as that, it can be used as a shoulder or cross body bag with the attachable strap. The strap is adjustable and can be anywhere from 110 to 140 cm in length, depending on the height of the user and what is comfortable for him.

Leather Messenger Bag MacBook Laptop Handbag

To say the least, this Bostanten laptop bag is a nice item. It is long-lasting, and classy, as well as spacious and comfortable. For this kind of quality, the bag is offered for a decent price.

Genuine Leather Messenger Bag
MacBook Laptop Handbag

Messenger Bag MacBook Laptop Handbag

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