BroadLink Smart Air Detector Air Quality Control Gadget

Many factors play a role in our health, a big part is that quality of air. It is important that we know what kind of air we are breathing, and that we remove all of the unhealthy particles in it. In this review we have looked at the best selling Air Quality Control Gadget for Home the BroadLink A1 Smart Air Detector Sensor that will provide you will all of the needed information.

To begin with, this Broadlink air detector has a unique white and green colored design that will also work great as interior design. In addition to that, it has many wonderful features. It can detect the indexes of the environment indoors, VOC, as well as detect humidity, temperature and even your voices. The air detector will provide with different colored light signals depending on what the air quality is like. Green color will glow if the quality is optimal, blue when it is good, and a red color when it is poor. It will also provide you with full information on what the temperature and humidity is like.

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Air Quality Control Gadget for Home Smart Air

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To add to all this, this detector can send signal to other smart devices. For example, if it senses that the humidity is too high, it will send a signal for the smart socket humidifier to turn off, when it lowers, it will send a signal to turn on. As well as that, if it senses that the temperature is too high or low, it will send a signal for the conditioner or heater to turn on. It can also sense the lighting, and send signal when to turn the light on or off. All of this can be done throughout the “e-control” app for your mobile devices. This app works almost as a remote control, timer for your devices, and provides with detailed information on the air quality.

Overall, this Broadlink A1 air detector is an interesting and great item on the market. It provides with information which allows one to take care of their health with great air quality, and works as a sensor for other smart devices. The quality of this item is outstanding, as well as it is stylish and offered for a reasonable price. We think that you should give this item a look!

BroadLink A1WiFi Intelligent Smart Home Air Detector Sensor
Air Quality Control Gadget, Purifier Remote Control

Air Quality Control Gadget for Home Smart Air Detector

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